My Name is Sivaprakash. working in Software Industry.Likes to share knowledge. This is the place I want to share Message to Friends. You can also contact me on Gmail: techsivam16@gmail.com,Mobile : 91-9500672190 , Twitter: http://twitter.com/techsivam,http://techsivam.blogspot.com/

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27 02 2010

Hi Siva,

The blogs looks good.. I give some comments/Suggestions. as below

— First of all i congratulate for taking a valuable time to create a blog.
—Say more points about you. like hobbies, what u most like(story, Thoughts, Quotes) and etc.,
—Give some more useful technical links, technical news and also any other useful/ important news.
—Also add one more tab, which will contains photos, videos and other multimedia related things which u most like.
—If it is possible add a tab as discussion area.
—U just separate the information across the tabs dont put in a single page.

so far i have this much only.. but until now u put a good effort..

5 04 2012
Muthu Ganesh.V

I am Muthu Ganesh. V, M.E.,(Commn. Sys). KCT. Blog is nice. Its looks are good. Add some more things … Mostly Scientific Matters …

6 04 2012

Thanx Muthu Ganesh…

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